Turkish mythology to be released as game

An Istanbul-based video game development company has announced the release of a game based on Turkish mythology.

Shadowfall Studio, an official partner of Sony PlayStation, will launch the game 'The Nightscarred: Forgotten Gods' on prevalent platforms such as Xbox Series X|S and Steam.

In the game, players will take the role of the daughter of Erlik, the God of Death, and practice magic as they try to solve puzzles and dispatch their enemies.

The release date of the game, attracting attention from game addicts with its unique storyline, is yet unknown.

Meanwhile, the ministry of Industry and Technology proceeds with their work to encourage domestic and national game developers as they have launched the Game and Application Academy as part of the National Technology Move.

With the ministry's effort, students and graduates between the ages 18-29 are continuously improving their digital skills.

The academy, which provides some 2,000 young entrepreneurs with training in the fields of technology, application and game development, continues to offer completely free online trainings and events in its third year.

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