‘World leaders are failing us’


To know where we stand, to see where we want to go and how, we need to hear from people who are in the heart of events. So, if we are interested in the state of the world today, there is no one more suited to tell us than Martin Griffiths, the under-secretary for humanitarian affairs at the United Nations since 2021. In a recent essay in The New York Times, the British diplomat, who is soon to leave office, declared that the leaders of the world had failed us, resulting in the suffering of millions of people. And what does Griffiths propose? Addressing the leaders, he exhorted them to "set aside narrow interests, division and conflict. Put humanity, cooperation and people's hopes for a better, more equal world, back at the center of international relations." Also: "We need leaders who are able and willing to harness our collective humanity, reinvigorate our trust in our common laws...

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