Two more suspects arrested in connection with urban guerrilla group

The Hellenic Police (ELAS) on Tuesday announced the arrest of two more suspects in connection with a campaign targeting symbols of the "establishment," including a court, a bank and a company, with makeshift explosives and grenades.

These arrests bring the total number of suspects in custody in relation to the activities of the self-proclaimed "Revenge Consortium" or "Revenge Partnership" to 12, after six people were remanded in February and four more alleged members of the group were identified as felons who were already in prison for unrelated offenses.

According to ELAS' announcement on Tuesday, the latest suspects are men aged 40 and 52, and were remanded on June 21. 

All 12 suspects face charges of forming and/or participating in a terrorist organization.

The "Revenge Consortium" is believed to be behind a parcel bomb mailed to the Thessaloniki...

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