Turkish, European police dismantle int’l drug cartel in Spain

Turkish, Spanish and French police forces dismantled an international drug cartel, capturing the mob's wanted leader in Spain in a joint operation, Turkish Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya has announced.

As part of "Operation Argay" in Spain, Turkish and European narcotics teams carried out a nine-month investigation into the international drug cartel led by Kerim Dağlıoğlu, also known as Emre Karaca, who is wanted by Türkiye under a red notice.

The field phase of the operation commenced on June 11, involving over 400 officers from the French police, Spain's Guardia Civil and Turkish law enforcement, Yerlikaya said on a social media post on June 26.

Raids and searches in Granada, Malaga and Seville led to the apprehension of 42 other members from Spain, Germany, Austria, Syria, Montenegro, Romania, Ukraine, Argentina and Venezuela.

Authorities also seized over 2 tons of cannabis, numerous firearms, luxury vehicles and illicit cash proceeds.

Describing the international operation as historic, Yerlikaya emphasized his ministry and the Turkish security units' resolute commitment to combating organized crime syndicates and drug cartels not only on a local, regional or national level but also on an international scale.

Efforts have been recently concentrated on targeting high-ranking members of international gangs operating within Türkiye in particular.

During a briefing earlier this month, the minister disclosed that Turkish security forces dismantled a total of 585 organized crime syndicates in a year, resulting in the detention of thousands of suspects and the seizure of assets valued at 106 billion Turkish Liras ($3.2 billion).

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