EU Ultimatum to North Macedonia: Include Bulgarians or EU Access Blocked!

EU ambassador in Skopje, David Geer, urged the Macedonian government to fulfill its obligation to include Bulgarians in the Constitution, stressing that the EU's negotiating framework will not change, BGNES reported.

"The president, parliament, and all institutions play a role in the European integration process. Political parties need to overcome differences and unite on this issue. We want North Macedonia to join the EU as soon as possible. The new Macedonian government claims to be committed to this goal. The EU expects reforms to be carried out, existing treaties implemented, and the commitment to include Bulgarians in the Constitution honored," Geer said in an interview with MRT1.

David Geer emphasized that Brussels will focus on actions, not words.

Regarding Macedonian Prime Minister Hristijan Mickoski's request to renegotiate the EU membership Negotiating Framework, Geer stated:

"The agreement with Bulgaria created a framework for improving relations in various spheres. Everyone should work to deepen relations between North Macedonia and Bulgaria. Our position on constitutional changes remains unchanged. Before and after the elections, we expect North Macedonia to make these changes. The constitutional amendments were agreed upon in July 2022, leading to the opening of EU negotiations and the successful completion of the screening process. This commitment must be respected with the inclusion of self-identified Bulgarians in North Macedonia."

Geer dismissed the possibility of changing the negotiation framework. He encouraged North Macedonia and Bulgaria to discuss the Treaty of Friendship and Good Neighborliness, but reiterated that constitutional changes are necessary.

The EU ambassador also...

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