O'Brien: North of Kosovo, threat of secession in BiH are primary risks

WASHINGTON - US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs James O'Brien told Tanjug on Monday the risk in the Balkans was that "some local battles will turn into a political conflagration that will hold back the states of the region."

Asked about his take on the security situation in the Western Balkans, O'Brien said the region belonged in Europe and "should move forward."

"The primary risks are in northern Kosovo and with the threats of secession in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The one step we have taken over the last year is that NATO is much stronger, both as the primary force as part of the UN force, the KFOR, in northern Kosovo, but also as the backup for the EUFOR in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I think it can stop small local bands from causing violence. I am also encouraged that there has been good cooperation with Serbian authorities, with...

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