Doukas: Androulakis should let us know if I, as the Mayor of Athens, can run for PASOK’s Presidency

The discussion was initiated by party officials citing Article 38 of the party’s constitution, which outlines incompatibilities for single-person positions such as president and secretary for those holding salaried roles in the state or local government. The article states: “Members holding salaried political positions in the state or wider public sector and local government, after appointment or election, may not be candidates in single-person elections.”

“This would also exclude MPs if read literally. But I want a clear answer: I submitted my candidacy to the Central Committee in the presence of the president. Until now, such obstacles were raised by ND officials like Mr. Voridis, Mr. Pleuris, Mr. Velopoulos, and Mr. Polakis. Is there anyone from PASOK posing such an obstacle? I think the president himself should respond. I submitted my candidacy, it was accepted, and we are moving forward,” Haris Doukas said when asked about the issue today by Real FM journalists. Nikos Androulakis, commenting on the leadership nominations, stated, “Ambitions are legitimate.” The nominations are submitted to EDEKAP, to which Harilaou Trikoupis executives now refer for the official announcement of candidates. These executives also maintain that the Ethics Committee will promptly address the issue of nominations and the general “road map” to the intra-party elections.

“Now is the time for a significant breakthrough,” insists leadership candidate Haris Doukas, in his post related to his candidacy, calling PASOK members and supporters to back the initiative.

“I invite you to make PASOK the great force of upheavals and the new Change. Committed to the values of Democracy, Justice, Solidarity, and Social Equality, I invite all progressive citizens to join us. Let’s unite and be part of the change. It’s in our hands. Let’s change, let’s change the country. In this call, let no one be left behind. Support my candidacy for the leadership of the PASOK-Change Movement. And let’s all support the hope for a brighter tomorrow, in a Greece of Creation, Innovation, Social and Economic Justice. Let’s go together!” underlined Mr. Doukas. Earlier, speaking on Real FM, he addressed developments in PASOK:

“The time for action and responsibility isn’t determined by me but by life itself. It’s a very critical moment for the country and the area. Problems are increasing. The government’s state actually benefits a few too much while offering too little to everyone else. It doesn’t support decentralization or local government. The problems are significant, and social inequalities are worsening. Could I address all this without running for president? That would make me just a spectator. I am responsible for what I say, and I face the great responsibility I assume. That is why I am running with a clear new framework. And what does that entail? We advocate social and economic justice against the New Democracy’s bureaucratic state, which is unjust. We are talking about democracy, accountability, and wealth redistribution to address citizens’ daily problems.”

Regarding collaboration scenarios with the center-left, he stated: “I believe that PASOK can be the soul of the democratic faction. Convergences aren’t made through decrees or summit meetings but through a specific agenda. This agenda includes free public education and free public health. We stand with the many, fighting for our city’s heights and against hyper-tourism based on carrying capacity. We aim to tackle issues like accuracy and obscenity. The government’s increased VAT, if reduced, won’t be absorbed because of a cartel. So, we’re going to tackle cartels. The government can find 100 million from taxing the excess profits of banks. Will it do that?”

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