Greek PM to raise North Macedonia provocations at NATO Summit

[File photo]

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is expected to raise the issue of North Macedonia and the observance of the Prespa Agreement at the NATO Summit in Washington.

The non-use by North Macedonia's new leadership of the country's constitutional name, as the Prespa Agreement expressly provides for, but also the general attitude of the country's PM and president, who have argued more than a few times that the country will be called "Macedonia" internally has provoked the strong reaction of Athens. Mitsotakis has announced in two interviews that he will raise the issue with NATO, warning that the attitude of the neighboring country puts a brake on its European path. Mitsotakis flew to Washington on Monday where he will stay until Friday with a full schedule.

The main part of the trip concerns the anniversary event for the 75th anniversary of NATO. The summit will also...

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