Bulgarian Parties Propose Referendum on Future of the Lev

The Bulgarian political parties "Revival" (Vazrazhdane) and "There Is Such a People" (TISP) have jointly proposed a draft resolution aimed at initiating a referendum regarding the retention of the Bulgarian lev (BGN) until 2043, BNR reports.

The deputy chairman of "Revival" Tsoncho Ganev motivated the proposal as follows: "This is an initiative that was rejected by the parliament a few months ago. The decision of the Constitutional Court subsequently did not define the issue as unconstitutional, and that is precisely why we are re-introducing it, so that the Bulgarian people can decide whether or not they want us to enter the Eurozone."

According to Toshko Yordanov, the chairman of TISP's parliamentary group, while his party supports Bulgaria's eventual adoption of the euro when the country is deemed prepared, they emphasize the importance of seeking the opinion of Bulgarian citizens through a referendum on this matter.

"We support the referendum of 'Revival' for extremely moral reasons - because they made an effort and gathered the necessary number of signatures to have a referendum and the National Assembly, the previous one, violated the Constitution and its own law, which it had adopted, on referendums and threw the will of 604 000  Bulgarians in the trash. We don't support the question posed in this referendum, if it even takes place, and we will ask our supporters to vote 'against' the question posed by 'Revival,' but we think that the decision should be up to the Bulgarian citizens".

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