Civil War in DPS: Dogan Demands Resignations, Peevski Refuses to Step Down

In a powerful appeal to all members of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), Dr. Ahmed Dogan, the honorary chairman, has called for the resignation of the parliamentary group chairman, Delyan Peevski, along with five other prominent figures within the party.

Dr. Dogan expressed deep concern over a significant crisis within the organizational life of the party, attributing it to systematic non-compliance with the DPS Statute, gross disregard for the decisions made at the last National Conference in February 2024, and harsh treatment of central governing body members, DPS deputies, and regional and municipal structures.

He emphasized that, in its 34-year history, the Movement has never resorted to divisive tactics threatening families or leveraging prosecution and police services to take away people's businesses. Dr. Dogan refuted claims that such actions were carried out with his consent, calling them absurd and asserting that there is no foundation for understanding in such circumstances.

Dr. Dogan also highlighted the deliberate creation of a fear psychosis affecting people's lives, work, and property. He invoked a piece of folk wisdom for such situations: "Kusno e libe za kitka" (it is said in relation to a late action that at an earlier stage could have prevented /most often/ the negative course of events /or a process that has become irreversible/) affirming Bulgaria's commitment to liberal democracy with a Euro-Atlantic focus. He noted the significant role DPS plays in achieving this strategic national goal and its importance as a geopolitical factor in the Balkans. Consequently, any serious internal upheaval within the Movement has far-reaching public and international implications, potentially causing political...

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