Dacic: Wahhabists biggest threat to Muslims, we should fight against terrorism together

BELGRADE - Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dacic said on Wednesday he had spoken with members of the Bosniak community following a recent terrorist attack in which a Wahhabist wounded a gendarme outside the Israeli embassy in Belgrade, and added that he expected to see cooperation with the Islamic community in the fight against terrorism.

Speaking to Pink TV, Dacic said Wahhabists were the biggest threat to Bosniak Muslims.

"I have recently spoken also with many Bosniaks, Muslims, I think the Islamic community also has a great responsibility. We should be working on this together, this is about preserving peace and fighting for peace and against extremism, and about preventing further terrorist acts," Dacic said.

He noted that a Wahhabist had beaten up a Bosniak Muslim in an incident near Novi Pazar, southwestern Serbia, last night.

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