It's Official: Kornelia Ninova No Longer Leader of the Bulgarian Socialists

The Sofia City Court has removed Kornelia Ninova from her position as chairwoman of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and as the party's official representative, replacing her with Atanas Zafirov in an interim capacity.

However, the court has not approved Zafirov's registration as the new permanent chairman pending election by the BSP Congress, stating that only a chairman elected according to the party's Statute rules can hold such a position.

This decision is subject to potential appeal or protest within seven days of notification to the involved parties, and it is not yet finalized

We remind you that in June Kornelia Ninova announced her resignation, citing the party's dismal performance in the recent elections as the reason. She described the outcome as disastrous and emphasized that while all parties saw declines in voter support, some suffered more severe losses.

Specifically, she noted that We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria lost over 300,000 votes. Despite GERB emerging as the top party, Ninova pointed out that its support represents less than a tenth of the population, questioning its mandate to govern effectively.

Ninova also acknowledged that the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) and There Is Such a People (TISP) gained ground, signaling broader voter discontent. Despite these setbacks, she asserted the BSP remains the sole viable leftist force in Bulgaria, dismissing other leftist groups as irrelevant.

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