NATO Summit: Glavchev and Biden Discuss Bulgaria's Strategic Importance

In a conversation with President Joe Biden during NATO's 75th anniversary commemoration, Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev affirmed Bulgaria's loyalty and reliability as an ally. President Biden commended Bulgaria's significant role on NATO's Eastern flank.

At the NATO summit's opening, Biden delivered a compelling speech, emphasizing his leadership's revitalization of the alliance and commitment to Ukraine. He asserted that Russian President Vladimir Putin aims to subjugate Ukraine, end its democracy, and erase its culture. Biden assured that Ukraine can and will stop Putin's ambitions.

Biden announced that the US and several NATO countries will send multiple air defense systems, including four Patriot systems, to Ukraine in the coming months. This speech was seen by US media as an effort to reinforce Biden's suitability for another term amidst ongoing debates with Donald Trump.

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