New Elections in Bulgaria? GERB Declines DPS Negotiation Request for Second Mandate

Borissov (left) and Peevski (right)

Boyko Borissov, chairman of the GERB parliamentary group, has formally declined the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) invitation to negotiate forming a government with the second mandate. In his letter, Borissov reaffirmed GERB's position of not supporting a second mandate under any circumstances. The stance remains consistent even for the third term.

Borissov's letter acknowledges DPS's efforts as the second political force to form a cabinet within the 50th National Assembly but cites significant differences and opposition among parliamentary groups as obstacles to establishing a stable government. He emphasized the need for political maturity in the upcoming election campaign, seeing it as essential for forming a government in the next National Assembly.

DPS's parliamentary group chairman, Delyan Peevski, mentioned that despite knowing there was no interest in a second term, they felt obliged to their voters. DPS sent letters to other pro-European parties to discuss the second mandate, excluding the pro-Russian party "Revival" (Vazrazhdane) from the invitations. DPS has given a deadline until the end of the day for other political forces in the National Assembly to respond.

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), "There Is Such a People" (TISP), and "Revival" have refused to support the DPS as a mandate holder but have pledged to make every effort in the last attempt to form a cabinet. They differ on the governing formula: "Revival" advocates for an "all against GERB and DPS" strategy and will refuse to participate in negotiations if another party receives the third mandate. "There Is Such a People" proposes an expert cabinet, while the BSP calls for a government of national salvation and will not support a cabinet with a second...

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