North Macedonia's PM Doubts EU Talks Will Start Even With Bulgarian Inclusion in the Constitution

Prime Minister Hristijan Mickoski of North Macedonia expressed doubts about the certainty of starting EU membership negotiations even if Bulgarians are included in the country's Constitution, according to reports from local media. During his visit to the United States for a NATO member countries' meeting, Mickoski remarked that the rights of Bulgarians in North Macedonia are not being violated. He emphasized that despite potential constitutional changes, there is no guarantee from the EU that negotiations would commence.

In the context of the NATO summit in Washington, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is anticipated to bring up concerns regarding North Macedonia's adherence to the Prespa Agreement. Greek media highlighted that Mitsotakis plans to scrutinize Skopje's policies and ensure compliance with the terms of the agreement, which was designed to resolve longstanding disputes between Greece and North Macedonia and pave the way for the latter's Euro-Atlantic integration.

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