PPC sends a strong message for equality and inclusion

The unique dance act “OUR Final Countdown” was presented for the first time by PPC, featuring Nikos Galis, during halftime of the Greek Men’s National Basketball Team’s game against the Dominican Republic at the 2024 Olympic Basketball Qualifying Tournament, held at SEF on July 3rd. The top Greek athlete, along with a group of 40 artists and players, including individuals with disabilities, starred in this performance. Set to the anthem of the 1987 EuroBasket, the act was directed by Konstantinos Rigos.

The spectators at the Peace and Friendship Stadium (SEF), were there to support the Greek National Team’s effort to qualify for the “Paris 2024” Olympic Games, and witnessed a show with significant messages about equality and inclusion in sports and beyond.

Alongside Nikos Galis, actress Loxandra Loukas, the first woman with Down syndrome to perform at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, internationally renowned mezzo-soprano Lenia Zafeiropoulou, and internationally recognized tenor Dimitris Paksoglou joined forces with the “phenomenon” group En Dynami and MC Yinka on the microphone, setting the rhythm with his unique flow “All Equal, All Here …Power Up the Game.” Together, they delivered a powerful message of inclusion and equality.

As an integral part of the country’s social and economic fabric, PPC actively supports talent, passion, and fair competition, while also promoting equality and inclusion. Upholding the principles of responsible entrepreneurship and sustainable development, PPC respects and leverages diversity, incorporating the principles of inclusion into its culture by providing equal opportunities for all.

With the central messages “Power Up The Game” and “A toute à l’heure,” PPC, the gold sponsor of the 2024 Olympic Basketball Qualifying Tournament at SEF, continues its successful partnership with the Hellenic Basketball Federation (EOK). PPC actively supports basketball in all its forms and the journey of the Greek Men’s National Basketball Team in their bid to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, as their official sponsor.

The 2024 Olympic Basketball Qualifying Tournament, an event of global interest, is being hosted in Greece once again after 16 years. With parallel activities both on and off the court, basketball fans and spectators at the SEF tournament have the opportunity to participate in shooting challenges, engage in various entertaining activities, and compete for collectible PPC gifts.

The grand final will take place on July 7 at SEF, where spectators will have the opportunity to watch a similar performance featuring former international basketball player Dimitris Diamantidis. The winning team of the tournament will travel to Paris to compete for the Olympic gold medal.

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