Tax returns: At a record pace of submission, according to the AADE

A record pace of tax filings by individuals this year.

Specifically, in the 75 days that the filing system has been open, 4,510,260 returns have been filed. In the corresponding 75-day period in 2023 and 2022, 2,916,726 and 2,695,736 returns were filed, respectively, despite the fact that in those years the filing system opened on March 30 and March 31, respectively. According to a statement from the AADE, these figures show both that a much higher percentage of citizens and accountants have submitted their returns earlier than ever before, and that there are no problems that pose notable obstacles to filing returns.

Further, it is noted that this year, pre-clearing of returns was implemented for the first time for 1.4 million taxpayers. Until last year, all taxpayers, whether their data was correct or not, were required to file returns themselves. “This year, 1.4 million taxpayers have been given the opportunity to see the tax due with the data we have available for them and, if they see that this data is correct and complete, to not file their returns themselves, while having the opportunity to amend their returns by July 26, without penalty. With this procedure, 423,000 declarations have been finalised, i.e. about 30% of the pre-cleared declarations, a result which is a positive development”, the communication underlines.

At the same time, the AADE, meeting a request from accountants, for the first time this year, undertook to inform citizens in time about everything related to the obligation to submit their returns, and especially about changes in the data sent by public and private entities after the submission of the returns. In keeping with this commitment, the Hellenic Public Revenue Service has so far sent a total of over 4.6 million messages.

At the same time, through the IBAN declaration process, 1,706,000 IBANs have been declared since the start of the declaration process, bringing the total to 7,950,000 IBANs. The AADE is monitoring the progress of the declaration process, and if necessary, further facilities will be provided for those who have not been able to obtain an IBAN.

Further, for the convenience of citizens, from 21/6, the ability for citizens to download the return, the statement (detailed and summary) and the pre-clearance for the 1.4 million citizens who joined the automated return submission process has been added to the myAADEapp application. To date, over 470,000 citizens have downloaded the application.

Moreover, it is estimated that very significant help to accountants has been provided by the myDATA platform, through which they can verify the data of issuing and receiving data from the companies they work with. In this way, among other things, myDATA is becoming a very important internal control tool for companies, preventing errors in the submission of tax returns.

Finally, it is noted that to date 1,067,658 citizens with an income tax credit return, representing 89% of the total number of credit returns, have received, earlier than ever before, a tax refund or offset against other tax liabilities, totaling more than 227 million euros.

“We are confident that in the time remaining, citizens and their accountants will accelerate their efforts to ensure that the submission of returns is completed within the time frame set,” the AADE’s announcement concludes.

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