US Elections: Clooney Urges Biden to Withdraw – “Joe, I Love You But We Need a New Candidate”

Actor George Clooney, a fervent supporter of the Democrats, wrote an article published in the New York Times urging US President Joe Biden to withdraw from the upcoming November presidential election amidst doubts about his health.

“Top Democratic officials, senators, members of the House of Representatives, and other candidates who risk losing in November should ask this president to voluntarily step aside,” wrote the actor in his article, while also emphasizing his affection for Joe Biden.

Earlier, Nancy Pelosi, a leading Democrat and long-time Speaker of the House called on President Joe Biden to decide whether he will remain in the race for the November presidential elections following doubts expressed about his health.

“Time is pressing,” stated Pelosi, adding that the decision is up to the president.

Additionally, two days ago, Stephen King joined the list of notable figures urging President Joe Biden to withdraw from the 2024 presidential race.

“Joe Biden has been a good president, but it’s time for him to announce, in the interest of the America he so clearly loves, that he will not run for re-election,” wrote King on Twitter today.

The American author has long expressed his opposition to Donald Trump, writing on Sunday that “the French right is heading for defeat despite the polls.” He added, “Hopefully, the same will happen to Trump and his cronies.”

However, his concerns about Biden, after the president’s poor performance in the June 27 debate, reflect the anxiety within the Democratic Party and its long-time donors and supporters about whether the US president can defeat his predecessor in November.

Moreover, American actor and director Rob Reiner called on Joe Biden to withdraw from the race. Prominent sponsors and supporters from the entertainment industry, such as screenwriter and producer Damon Lindelof and Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings, also want the president to step down.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Joe Biden said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show, arguing that the calls for his withdrawal from the race against Trump are coming from party “elites” and emphasizing that the average voter still wants him as the Democratic candidate.

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