WCC-DB Divided Over Government Proposal

Boyko Rashkov

"We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" (WCC-DB) remains divided on whether to propose a cabinet should it receive a third exploratory mandate from the president, reported BNR from sources within the coalition. Following a meeting of the parliamentary group yesterday, no consensus was reached, prompting leaders to convene today at the Chairman's Council for further deliberations.

Within the coalition, the DSB and "Yes, Bulgaria" factions have proposed differing approaches: one advocating for a technical government and the other for a programmatic one. However, WCC-DB is skeptical about forming a stable anti-corruption government in the current 50th National Assembly.

According to Boyko Rashkov, an MP from WCC-DB, the prospect of early elections looms large: "WCC-DB lacks the necessary majority to orchestrate a coalition. It is increasingly likely that we will move towards new elections."

Meanwhile, the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) has firmly declared its stance against supporting a government proposed by the DPS with a second mandate. Borislav Gutsanov, the chairman of the BSP parliamentary group, emphasized that while the chances to form a government in the current parliamentary session are still open, the BSP will not back a cabinet under a second mandate.

"There are still opportunities to avoid early elections, and that could be with a third mandate, regardless of which party receives it. The key is to unite around experts and individuals willing to contribute to a national salvation government," stated Gutsanov.

However, the BSP remains open to supporting a government formed under a third mandate, but only if its agenda aligns closely with BSP priorities and following approval from the party's...

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