Cadastre the first state service to use AI tools

The Hellenic Cadastre, which is due on Thursday to launch the use of artificial intelligence applications on a trial basis until September, will become the first Greek state service to use AI, Deputy Digital Governance Minister Konstantinos Kyranakis told Skai television in an interview on Wednesday.

He explained that the open AI application will help "read in natural language the text of a contract and check in advance the rules that a supervisor would until now need to read for a long time to find."

In this way, he said, the AI tool will help to immediately locate in the text of a contract what must be implemented as a rule and thus greatly reduce the time needed to complete a case.

In the meantime, Kyranakis said, the archives of deeds offices were being digitized and lawyers investigating deeds on behalf of their clients in Athens, Thessaloniki, Piraeus and...

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