News archive of August 2016

Mother Teresa, Nun who Scared Albania’s Communists

The relationship between the woman about to be proclaimed a saint by the Vatican and the Communists who ruled Albania was difficult - but had odd twists. 

Refugees on Hungary Border Face More Obstacles

Although Serbia is increasing its capacity to accept refugees, those waiting for permits to enter Hungary in the transit zone near Kelebija face long waits, worsening weather and poor conditions, activists say.

SDP Leader's Tirades Leave Croats Bemused

Zoran Milanovic, Croatia's former Prime Minister and president of the centre-left Social Democratic Party, SDP, is using harsh language in the election campaign to win over centrist voters, experts agree.

Urartian motifs on jewelry

Drawings on inscriptions and stones from the Urartian kingdom, which ruled in the region in the 8th century B.C., are being used by artists in the eastern province of Van. The drawings are engraved on jewelry and stones. 

Aleksandar Vucic to speak at Clinton Foundation convention

BELGRADE - Aleksandar Vucic will be one of the speakers at the annual conference of the "Clinton Foundation" (Clinton Global Initiative - CGI) from 19 to 21 September in New York, Serbian daily "Blic" reported.

US Set To Derail India-Russia Oil Deal

It becomes increasingly difficult for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to maintain close ties with both the US and Russia. Since becoming the PM in May 2014, Modi has tried hard to shape his government's foreign policy in a different way. The premier has taken various steps to engage multi-polar India with the uni-polar world.

New Bomb Attack Shocks Kosovo Broadcaster

Kosovo's public broadcaster, RTK, on Monday called the attack on the home of its director, Mentor Shala, an escalation of the violence, intimidation and application of terrorist methods to public broadcasters.

Serbia Joins US Military Drills in Germany

Serbian troops joins US-organised multinational exercises this month - an indication that although the country's military collaborations with Russia grab headlines, it works more closely with the US, BIRN reports.

Currently 4,000 migrants in Serbia

BELGRADE - There are 4,000 migrants in Serbia at the moment and that number should not exceed 6,000 during the winter, said on Monday assistant of the commissioner for refugees and migration Danijela Popovic Roko.