News archive of November 2017

Irish man traces smuggled Turkish Islamic artifacts

An Irish art historian, who has been living in southern Turkey since 1990, has dedicated himself to finding Turkish Islamic artifacts that have been smuggled abroad and report them to the relevant institutions


Court annuls same-sex marriage

Greece's Supreme Court has annulled a same-sex marriage conducted in 2008 on Tilos by the mayor of the tiny Aegean island.

Judges Thursday upheld a previous order by a Rhodes prosecutor calling such nuptials illegal.

Authenticity of Saudi arms deal docs questioned

After casting doubt on the authenticity of the documents Defense Minister Panos Kammenos submitted to Parliament on Monday that supposedly prove Vassilis Papadopoulos was authorized by Saudi Arabia to broker a deal for Greece to sell it arms and missiles, New Democracy on Thursday accused the Independent Greeks leader of breaking the law and deception.

Greeks pay Swedish power rates

In Greece, the country of three bailouts and "social dividends," electricity costs the same as it does in Sweden, where the per capita gross domestic product is two-and-a-half times higher, as Greek power bills increased this year due to tax hikes the government imposed on power consumption.

Huge interest in the receipt lottery draw

After months of delays, the first receipt lottery was conducted on Thursday, with the lucky 1,000 taxpayers set to collect 1,000 euros each in cash next week. The measure is intended to encourage the use of electronic transactions to boost state revenues and contain tax evasion.

How to Start a Retail Business

So, you want to start a retail business? Perhaps you've cottoned on to the success of online sellers and want to start your own e-commerce site, or maybe you've always dreamt of owning your own store? Whatever your reasons, the dream of starting a retail business can soon become a reality, but it is a tough market to crack.

Brazilian Scientist: There Was No Big Bang

The Big Bang is a widely accepted explanation for the origins of the universe; however, Brazilian physicist Juliano Cesar Silva Neves has come up with a new "cyclical" theory, which challenges this prevailing concept.

Scientists take step toward creating artificial life

In a major step toward creating artificial life, U.S. researchers have developed a living organism that incorporates both natural and artificial DNA and is capable of creating entirely new, synthetic proteins, Reuters reports.

The work, published in the journal Nature, brings scientists closer to the development of designer proteins made to order in a laboratory.

Vulin on ICTY ruling: Justice for all - except for Serbs

The Hague Tribunal (ICTY) verdict in the case against six wartime Bosnian Croat leaders "will affect relations between the two countries and the two peoples."

Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin said this on Wednesday, in the first reaction by a Serbian official.