News archive of July 2018

Seeking new means of financing the credit system

Greek banks are making plans for the period after Greece's exit from the bailout program, when they will no longer have access to a supply of cheap cash from the European Central Bank, so they are instead seeking liquidity through various alternative means outside the Eurosystem.

Turks to vote in Swedish election in Konya's Kulu district

Thousands of Turks eligible to vote in Sweden's upcoming elections are expected to cast their votes in the Central Anatolian province of Konya's Kulu district, which they are visiting temporarily on holiday. 

Telekom Srbija introduces platform based on LoRaWAN

It enables the connection and interaction of a large number of different devices and sensors.

Brnabic said that this was a big step forward in digitizing the country, adding that the system that was designed would enable the domestic company to sell its solutions worldwide, which would facilitate its breakthrough to foreign markets.

A useful proposal, instead of useless noise

Nowadays, the actions of politicians are strongly geared toward their public image. In the era of television and the internet, the image and the message emitted by the prime minister or the leader of the opposition compete with the substance.

Vigil held in Athens for victims of wildfires

Hundreds of people gathered in Syntagma Square, central Athens, on Monday night to commemorate the victims of the devastating blaze on the eastern coast of Attica that killed 92 people and injured scores a week ago. The rally had been organized on social media and people started gathering at 9 p.m.

Setting an example

The donation by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation to boost the country's firefighting service is a significant move and proves how vital institutions and individuals can be for Greece. It is also very positive that this grant was made after a discussion between the premier and the leader of the main opposition.