News archive of September 2018

The Zorbas Storm Heads to Bulgaria

On Sunday, a yellow code for dangerous weather was announced in the southeastern part of Bulgaria, which is on the periphery of the storm "Zorbas".

The powerful cyclone "Xenophon" hit South Greece with hurricane winds and torrential rains.

Syrian Opened Fire with a Gas Pistol in Sofia, Three Detained

Syrian citizen shot with a gas pistol at people in downtown Sofia. There are no data for victims yet.
The shooter was in a car together with two other compatriots. He told police officers he was shooting in the air because of people who passed near the car.

Macedonia Votes on New Name to End Greek Row

AFP - Macedonians went to the polls Sunday to vote on whether to re-name their country North Macedonia in a bid to settle a long-running row with Greece and unlock its path to NATO and EU membership.

Macedonia has struggled for recognition of its name since its birth in 1991 when the landlocked country declared independence from Yugoslavia.

Typhoon Trami Injures 56, Readies Direct Hit on Japan Mainland

AFP - A powerful typhoon hurtled toward Japan's mainland Sunday after injuring dozens on southern islands, as weather officials warned that fierce winds and torrential rain could trigger landslides and floods.

Death Toll in Indonesia Quake-tsunami Tops 800

AFP - The death toll from a powerful earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia leapt to 832 Sunday, as stunned people on the stricken island of Sulawesi struggled to find food and water and looting spread.

Zaev: Vote for nation's EU future

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) has cast his ballot in his country's crucial referendum on whether to accept a landmark deal ending a dispute with Greece by changing the country's name to North Macedonia.

Closure for the Macedonian Question?

The so-called Macedonian Question has been part of the Balkan geopolitical puzzle since the 19th century. Its latest phase started with the dissolution of Yugoslavia and has revolved around the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Greek concerns about "Macedonian" revisionism.

Citizens of FYROM vote on deal to change country's name

Citizens of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonian (FYROM) go to polls on Sunday to vote on whether to change their country's name to Republic of North Macedonia, urged by a pro-Western government to pave the way for NATO and EU membership by resolving a decades-old name dispute with Greece.