News archive of September 2018

Man reported killed during migrant camp brawl north of Athens

A brawl at a migrant camp in Malakassa, north of Athens, has resulted in the death of a man and the injury of at least eight people, according to a preliminary reports from state and private media on Saturday.

The reports suggested that violence erupted between rival groups of residents at the camp on Friday and spilled over into Saturday.

Thousands in Kosovo Protest Against 'Border Correction' Proposals

Thousands of people from across Kosovo descended on central Pristina on Saturday for a protest organised by the country's main opposition force, Vetevendosje, against President Thaci and his push in recent months for "border corrections" between Kosovo and Serbia.

One Turkish soldier killed, four injured in N Iraq

One Turkish soldier was killed and four others injured on Sept. 29 after the PKK militants detonated an improvised bomb in northern Iraq, the Turkish military has announced.

World record set in Alba Iulia - 'Largest human image of a country'

Thousands of people, especially students and high school pupils from all over the country, set a new world record in Alba Iulia on Saturday - the largest map of a country made of people, inside which the number 100 was additionally highlighted, given that this year marks a century since the Great Union of 1918.

Top court orders state to compensate Agos columnist

Turkey's Constitution Court has ordered the state to pay Baskın Oran, the columnist of Turkish-Armenian weekly Agos, 27,000 Turkish Liras (around $4,400) in spiritual damages due to a lack of an inadequate investigation into the death threats that Oran had received.

Some open their hearts while others line their pockets

There are two ways of dealing with the migration crisis, according to Greece's prime minister: One is by showing solidarity with migrants and respect for their rights; the other is by displaying xenophobia, fear and hatred. 

A nation in decline

The critical problem of a rapidly aging population is absent from Greek public discourse.

Besides, the country today is more preoccupied with the past and the present. And, at least for now, it appears indifferent about the future. 

Tropical storm changes course on way to Turkey

A man takes a photograph during bad weather at the port of Rafina, east of Athens, on Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018. Severe weather warnings remain in effect around Greece, halting ferry services and prompting school closures, and in Turkey's west. AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis