News archive of December 2018

Mati residents complain of delays in rebuilding burned town

A residents' group in Mati, the east Attica town worst hit by last summer's deadly fires, is accusing the government, and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in particular, of delays in the process that will allow them to repair or rebuild homes and businesses affected by July's blaze, which claimed 100 lives.

Trump Says Build US-Mexico Wall or he'll Seal Border

President Donald Trump threatened Friday to seal the US-Mexico border "entirely" if Congress does not approve billions of dollars in funding for a wall, reports AFP. 

Bomb Kills Three Vietnamese Tourists, Guide near Egypt Pyramids

Three Vietnamese holidaymakers and an Egyptian tour guide were killed Friday when a roadside bomb blast hit their bus as it travelled close to the Giza pyramids outside Cairo, officials said, reports AFP. 

A statement by the public prosecutor's office said 11 other tourists from Vietnam and an Egyptian bus driver were wounded when the homemade device exploded.

Top 10 archaeological discoveries in 2018

Nearly 350 archaeological excavations were carried out in 2018 in Turkey. The Culture and Tourism Ministry allocated 26 million Turkish Liras for the excavations. Nearly 50 rescue excavations are still continuing in the country. Click through for this year’s top 10 discoveries, ranked by Hürriyet's archaelogy reporter Ömer Erbil...

Where do Bulgarians Travel the Most?

The trips of Bulgarian citizens abroad in November 2018 amounted to 426.3 thousand, or 2.1 percent more than those registered in November 2017, the National Statistical Institute reported.
Compared to November 2017, there was an increase in all observed targets.

Prices of Water in Bulgaria to Go up by 10% in the New Year

Water prices are rising by up to 10% in 26 locations in 2019. This was decided by the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission in a closed sitting on 28th of December. The largest increase of water prices is in Burgas and Sofia - by 10%. The most expensive will be the water supply service in Shumen, where a cubic metre of water will cost 3.40 BGN, reports BNT.