News archive of December 2018

Transport services to slow down over holiday period

Public transport services in Athens will be slowing down over the New Year's holiday, operator OASA announced.

On January 1-3 and 6, buses and trolley buses will run at less frequent intervals, according to the Sunday schedule, while on December 31, they will start pulling off Athens's streets by around 9 p.m.

EU is not trying to keep Britain in: Juncker

The European Union is not trying to keep Britain in and wants to start discussing future ties the moment the UK parliament approves Brexit, partly to focus on its own unity ahead of May elections, the head of the bloc's executive has said.

Colombia condemns alleged plot to kill president

Colombia's foreign minister on Dec. 29 condemned an alleged plot to kill President Ivan Duque and said three Venezuelan citizens had been detained in possession of "weapons of war."

Turkey sends howitzers to Syria border

Turkey sent military reinforcements to its southern Gaziantep province near Syrian border on Saturday, according to Anadolu Agency correspondent in the area.

Terrorism fills the void

Which incident belongs at the top of the list of the most important things that have happened since Greece officially entered the economic crisis? As the eighth year draws to a close and we celebrate our entry into a ninth that looks poised to be underwhelming in several ways, what stands out?

Fattening up the civil service

There appears to be no end in sight to the dubious achievements that the minister of education boasts of, just as there seems to be no end to the list of so-called initiatives advertised by his ministry.

Protesters Pile More Pressure on Serbian President

For the fourth Saturday in the row, anti-government protesters gathered in the Serbian capital Belgrade to raise their voice against political violence, thus demanding resignations of officials as well.

Columns of people marched near or past most of the major institutions, including parliament, government buildings, but also the public broadcaster, RTS.

Marianna Toli, actress and singer, dies

Marianna Toli, an actress and singer, has died, after a long battle with cancer.

She studied Art History at the University of Kentucky, classic and modern dance in London and singing and acting in Athens, where she graduated from the National Theatre's drama school.