News archive of January 2019

Veteran comedy actress Ayşen Gruda dies aged 74

Veteran theater and cinema actress Ayşen Gruda, who made a name with comedy movies which have in years turned into Turkish classics, died on Jan. 23. She was 74.

Bulgarian Holding Buys the Second Largest Bank in Moldova

The Bulgarian trust company Doverie United Holding has been authorized by Moldovan authorities to acquire more than half of  second largest bank in the country - Moldindconbank, Reuters reports.

Gov't slams opposition pledge to renegotiate name deal

The government Wednesday attacked main opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis for pledging to renegotiate the name deal signed between Athens and Skopje last summer if he becomes prime minister. 

HyperScience Attracted $ 30 Million from Investors

Founded in Bulgaria developer of software products and services HyperScience has attracted 30 million investment. This is the last round of funding for the company, founded in 2013 by Peter Brodsky, Krassimir Marinov and Vladimir Tsankov. With it, total investments in HyperScience exceed $ 50 million, according to Tranding Topics.

The Coal-powered Stations in Maritza East will Work at Least until 2030

The coal-powered stations in the Maritza East complex will certainly work until 2030, and investing in new technologies - maybe later. This provides for an Integrated National Climate and Energy Plan project by 2030, with a horizon up to 2050, presented to trade unions on Sunday, the CITUB and the Ministry of Energy announced the following day.

Sofia University Creates Two Research Institutes

Two scientific institutes will be opened in the structure of the Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. Their creation was approved on Wednesday by the government. One will deal with research and projects in the field of law, economics and intellectual property, and the other with developments in the field of large data and artificial intelligence.