News archive of January 2019

Natural gas fields give Israel a regional political boost

A decade after discovering natural gas fields off its Mediterranean coast, Israel is starting to feel the geopolitical boost.

Its newfound riches have fostered economic bonds with its neighbors, tightening relations with Arab allies, and built new bridges in a historically hostile region - even without significant progress being made toward peace with the Palestinians.

Taxes could remain forever, Haradinaj says; Vucic reacts

After a government session, he told reporters that he was "willing to listen to suggestions and appeals from the United States and the European Union to lift the new customs fee, but it is clear that such a decision can't be made at this point," Beta reported.

Ferry operators keen on Cyprus flag

Ferry operators have been showing interest in registering their vessels under the Cyprus flag, Cyprus's Deputy Minister of Shipping Natasa Pilides said.

She said this is partially due to the consequences of Brexit.

Dacic responds to Pacolli: Serbia's only weapon is truth

Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic said this for Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti.

He thus reacted to the assertion of Kosovo Foreign Minister Behgjet Pacolli that he had "knowledge" of Belgrade "promising financial support and arms" to some smaller countries in return for revoking their recognition of Kosovo.

Turkish Authorities Seized 104 kg. Heroin at the Turkish-Bulgarian Border

The value of the drug exceeds TRY 21 million, reported NOVA TV.

104 kg of heroin was seized by the Turkish authorities in an attempt to export to Bulgaria via Kapitan Andreevo - Kapikule.

The drug was found under the pod of a tire trailer. The drug was distributed in 130 packets. The driver tried to conceal it from the dogs, sprinkled it with naphthalene and sawdust.


DIMAR quits centrist alliance over Prespes deal

Democratic Left (DIMAR) on Tuesday said it was quitting the centrist alliance, Movement for Change (KINAL), following the weekend expulsion of its president Thanasis Theocharopoulos over his support for the Prespes agreement.

"DIMAR will stick to the responsible stand... that it has from the very beginning maintained on this crucial national issue," the party said in a statement.

US Supreme Court Allows Trump Military Transgender Ban

The United States Supreme Court has allowed President Donald Trump to enforce his policy of banning certain transgender people from the military, reported BBC. 

The court voted 5-4 to grant a Trump administration request to lift injunctions blocking the policy while challenges continue in lower courts.

The four liberal judges on the court opposed the ruling.