News archive of February 2019

Prosecutor calls for school cleaner to be exonerated

A Supreme Court prosecutor on Wednesday proposed the exoneration of a school cleaner who was given a 10-year prison sentence for falsifying her elementary school certificate.

New Democracy is not SYRIZA

Conservative New Democracy is a middle-class party with a long tradition; it will never transform into a purely leader-focused party like SYRIZA. SYRIZA, on the other hand, is Alexis Tsipras - nothing more, nothing less.

Farcical nostalgia

Whatever one thinks of Andeas Papandreou, the founder of the once-mighty PASOK party, there are two things that are beyond dispute. Firstly, he was a far more complex personality than his aspiring emulators would like to think and, secondly, he is far less contemporary than his "heirs" would like to believe.

Fugitive Father of Dead Bosnian Student Gives Dramatic TV Statement

In his first television appearance on Wednesday evening since he went into hiding on December 30, Davor Dragicevic accused the authorities in Republika Srpska of seeking to kill him, after daily protests over the death of his 21-year-old son sparked widespread public anger in Bosnia's Serb-dominated entity.

Scandal With Child Sexual Abuse in Bulgaria

In 2014, Norwegian law enforcement authorities seized millions of encrypted files depicting sexual abuse of children. The seized material contained information that led Norwegian police to believe that two Norwegian suspects ran an orphanage in Bulgaria.

Probe launched after 56 Attica driving licenses found to be bogus

The Attica Regional Authority's Department of Transport and Communications has ordered an internal investigation after finding that a driving instructor had helped dozens of people to get their licenses without having passed a written exam since 2014.

Hoteliers say home-renting to tourists 'out of control'

Greek hoteliers say a boom in home-sharing properties for tourists in the capital Athens and on Greek islands is spiralling "out of control," hurting hotels, pushing up residential rents and forcing locals from their homes.

Deputy health minister caught taking a puff tells EU official to butt out

Greece's alternate health minister has told the European Union's top health official to butt out after getting a reprimand for smoking in public.

Alternate Minister Pavlos Polakis was caught on video footage this week holding a cigarette while dancing in a club. He had also been photographed smoking at a news conference in 2016.

Five people handed suspended jail sentences in big corruption trial

Five people were given suspended prison terms of between five to 13 years for active and passive bribery and money laundering in a long-running case into a major trial-fixing ring.

A court gave former lawyer and ex New Democracy MP Petros Mantouvalos and the former appeals court judge Yiannis Efstathiou a 13-year suspended term.