News archive of May 2019

Uproar over government’s nominations for top Supreme Court posts

The government's decision to proceed with filling top Supreme Court and Council of State posts just five weeks before a general election has drawn furious criticism from main opposition New Democracy and constitutional scholars.

Paris Forbids Smoking in the Parks

From June 8, smoking will be banned in 52 Paris parks, squares and city gardens. The decision comes a year after the same ban was imposed in several central and suburban districts of the French capital.

First Turkish Cypriot MEP envisions himself as division healer

Niyazi Kizilyurek says nothing like it has happened in ethnically divided Cyprus in 140 years: He is the first Turkish Cypriot elected to the European Parliament, and he was selected by a primarily Greek Cypriot electorate.

Property tax a heavy burden for Greeks

Greek property owners are among Europe's most heavily burdened by taxes, according to a study by Washington-based think tank the Tax Foundation that examines the tax burden on ownership and its ratio to all tax revenues.

Achaia murder case cracked

Police in Achaia, southwestern Greece, have arrested three Pakistani nationals, aged 45, 44 and 40, over the abduction and murder of a 34-year-old compatriot who was reported missing in March.
All three have been charged with abduction, blackmail and murder after their arrest in police operations conducted in Thebes, central Greece, and Tripoli and Ileia in the southern Peloponnese.

ATHEX: Bourse enjoys its best week in four years

The stock market braved its early losses and the drops on most other European bourses to revert to gains by the closing bell on Friday and see its benchmark register monthly gains of 7.37 percent in May. Public Power Corporation and banks led the price rebound, with turnover topping 150 million euros, as the positive momentum that started last Monday continued.

Dutch Company Wants to Supply US Blue Fuel to Bulgaria

Bulgaria has negotiated a new 140 million cubic meters of gas other than Russian supplies of blue fuel. This was announced by the Minister of Energy Temenujka Petkova at an extraordinary briefing.

Permanent damage

Powered by momentum, the SYRIZA administration is behaving as if it still enjoys broad political legitimacy.
The incumbent leftists are acting as if the European Parliament election, which they too interpreted as the sweeping away of their mandate, never took place.