News archive of November 2019

Weather Forecast: Mostly Cloudy with Moderate Wind

It will be mostly cloudy today, foggy in the plains, with light rain in some places in the south and west. Clouds will temporarily break in the northeast areas, at the end of the day in the southwestern, as well. A moderate wind will start blowing from the southeast. The maximum temperatures will be mostly between 15C and 20C.

New Protest against the Election of Attorney General - Ivan Geshev

A new protest against the election of Attorney General - Ivan Geshev.

Tonight, the non-governmental organization "Justice for All" and the civic association "Fighter" will meet in front of the Sofia Court House. They organize a procession to the presidency. The reason- they insist that the Head of State should approach the Constitutional Court.

What To Know Before Starting A Beauty Business In 2020


Starting a beauty business is not easy but if you follow some of our advice then you can create something really special. 

What To Know Before Starting A Beauty Business In 2020

Kim Jong Un supervises another N Korean military drill

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un supervised a parachuting drill of military sharpshooters and vowed to build an "invincible army,'' displaying more defiance even as the United States and South Korea called off their own exercises to create space for nuclear diplomacy.

Food shortages cripple Bolivia, new elections still uncertain

Bolivians languished in long lines on the streets of La Paz on Nov. 17 to secure chicken, eggs and cooking fuel as supporters of ousted President Evo Morales crippled the country's highways, isolating population centers from lowland farms.

Trump assails Pence aide who testified in impeachment probe

U.S. President Donald Trump lashed out on Nov. 17 at another witness in Congress' impeachment inquiry against him, saying the aide to Vice President Mike Pence was a "Never Trumper" who should "work out a better presidential attack."