News archive of April 2020

GCS: 262 new cases of novel coronavirus infection; total number of cases reaches 12,240

A number of 262 new cases of persons infected with the novel coronavirus have been registered in Romania since the latest information, the total number of cases thus reaching 12,240, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS) informed on Thursday. From among the persons who tested positive for the novel coronavirus, 4,017 were declared recovered and discharged.

Huge African dinosaur thrived in the water

The huge African predator Spinosaurus spent much of its life in the water, propelled by a paddle-like tail while hunting large fish - a "river monster," according to scientists, that showed that some dinosaurs invaded the aquatic realm.

51 Newly Infected with Coronavirus in the Last 24 Hours

51 are the proven COVID-19 cases for the last 24 hours.1,156 PCR tests were performed. There are 1488 cases in Bulgaria so far cases. The active ones are 1157, the head of the National Operations Headquarters Gen Ventsislav Mutafchiiski reported at his regular morning briefing.

There are 11 active areas.

Eight irregular migrants walk some 300 km to reach Istanbul

Police in the western province of Bursa have detained eight irregular migrants from Pakistan, who set out on a long journey from the northwestern province of Çanakkale to reach Istanbul.
The migrants were stopped and detained after having travelled some 275 kilometers from Çanakkale and Bursa.

Air quality is way better in Istanbul after lockdown

Air quality dramatically improved in the Turkish metropolitan city of Istanbul as people shelter in their homes to help curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, according to the city's municipality.
The air pollution im Istanbul fell around 30 percent after stay-at-home calls.

Weather Forecast: Warm with Brief Rain in some Places

Today, variable cloudiness expected, with mostly cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds. Many places, mainly around midday and in the afternoon, will see brief rain; heavy and accompanied by thunder in some areas.

Nailing the Virus: How One Bosnian Canton Halted a Pandemic

"Our health system has its limits," Salkic said during his interview with country's most popular evening news programme, warning: "We should not fool ourselves but use the two-week-long window of opportunity and prevent this explosion." That evening, Colic took a deep breath and told herself that she had "to take it one day at a time" - something her father told her repeatedly throughout the 19

Sotiris Tsiodras: Apologia pro vita sua

By George Gilson

Epidemiology Professor Dimitris Tsiodras' held his daily coronavirus news conference yesterday with an announcer reading the questions of journalists who have been entirely barred  from having a physical or Skype presence in the press room which is to say there are no  follow-up questions to seeks clarifications or

Turkish Central Bank cuts inflation forecast for 2020

The Turkish Central Bank on April 30 revised its year-end inflation forecast to 7.4% for 2020, down from 8.2%.

The 0.8 percentage point fall was driven by the downward revision in the projections of the output gap and food inflation, the Central Bank governor said while presenting the second inflation report.

Artists call for roadmap to support culture

A view of the National Theater of Greece in central Athens. As the government prepares to gradually reopen the coronavirus-hit economy on May 4, directors and other artists have called on the Culture Ministry to announce a similar plan to help the performing arts. "One would have expected that, after specialized measures were announced for hairdressers...