News archive of April 2020

Going Postal: Poland’s Mail Carriers Decry COVID-19 Election

Live: Coronavirus Updates

Poles Find Creative Ways to Protest Despite the Pandemic

Duda vs Duda in Polish Election

The Music Dies for Poland's Gig Economy Workers

But employees of Polish Post, the state-run postal administration, say the plan puts them at risk.

Pandemic Fires Hate Speech in Moldova

The COVID-19 outbreak has worsened divisive and irresponsible public discourse in Moldova, an expert monitoring hate speech from Promo-LEX organisation tells BIRN in an interview.

Week in Review: Dealing With Uncertainty

Uncertain Future

The construction of the Bar-Boljare motorway through Montenegro is one of the prided public investment projects of the current Montenegrin government. The construction of the first phase is also responsible for pushing the public debt of the small Balkan economy to 79% of GDP in 2019.

Travertine paradise in Central Anatolia awaits recognition

A project readying yellow-colored travertines in the Central Anatolian province of Sivas, resembling the world-famous travertines of Pamukkale, to make them become a tourist hotspot in the Çermik Hot Spring is underway.

Academics spending more than 30 years in ancient excavation area

When the first excavations in the ancient city of Patara began in 1988, archaeologists and academics were using wheelbarrows to carry their digging items and their findings. Now that they found a trove of ancient relics, they say it's time for conservation.

The excavations have so far trained three professors, two associate professors and three doctors in the Harbor Bath excavations.

Vucic: We may lift the state of emergency next week, curfew Thursday through Saturday

"You ask me the question as if it depends on me, it depends on the virus and the decision of the doctors," President of Serbia responded when asked when the citizens of Serbia would return to the state before the epidemic.
He adds that he understands that people are impatient, but that impatience is not our ally for the moment.

RES projects can give economy a fresh push

Investments in renewable energy sources could evolve into a vital recovery factor for the Greek economy in the post-coronavirus era, as they could add up to 11 billion euros over the next few years.

Mass transport rules for the public include masks, social distancing

Passengers using public transport as of May 4, the day when the first round of measures relaxing the lockdown will come into effect, should wear a face mask, practice diligent social distancing and avoid unnecessary travel, the government said on Wednesday.

Citizens were also advised to use their car, if possible, instead of public transportation.

Piraeus container traffic slumps in March

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic are being felt at the port of Piraeus, with Cosco announcing the first quarterly decline in container handling after several years.

New NPLs to reach 10 bln euros

The coronavirus pandemic will result in a new wave of nonperforming loans that could reach up to 10 billion euros, an online debate on bad loans heard on Wednesday. Most of them are expected to originate from the sum of recently rearranged loans that will turn nonperforming again.