News archive of July 2020

Retroactive dues to cost €1.27 billion

The government wanted to tackle the issue of retroactive dues to pensioners for good, avoiding mass court cases in the future and clearing the fiscal horizon of dangerous uncertainties, so on Wednesday it announced payouts to pensioners for their main pensions, in accordance with the verdict of the Council of State.

Chris Akordalitis | Mykonos | To August 7

In "Between Two Worlds," artist Chris Akordalitis presents humorous vignettes with almost comical protagonists that belie the deeper emotional impact of his work. The Cypriot artist, who studied painting and sculpture in Germany, is showing this series at the Dio Horia gallery in Mykonos through August 7. The venue is open daily from 7 p.m. to midnight, and by appointment.

Rehearsing a reconciliation

A photo from rehearsals for Aristophanes' comedy "Lysistrata," directed by Odysseas Papaspiliopoulos, which makes its premiere Friday evening at the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus.

In Serbia, 339 newly infected, eight people died

Eight people died.
During the last 24 hours, 9.436 testers were performed.
There are currently 162 patients on a respirator.
Total number of people tested amounts to 668.984 with 25.552 confirmed cases.

Cyprus makes mask-wearing compulsory in large indoor spaces

Cyprus on Friday made mask-wearing compulsory in all indoor areas where people gather in large numbers, like malls and supermarkets, and is significantly ramping up random coronavirus testing at its two main airports. An upsurge of new confirmed cases in the last week has alarmed authorities.

CultMin Gheorghiu on Haferland Festival: Multiculturalism, diversity in Romania - inexhaustible source of power

Multiculturalism and diversity in Romania are an inexhaustible source of power, faith and creativity, the Minister of Culture, Bogdan Gheorghiu, said on Friday, in his message at the opening of the Haferland Festival, dedicated to Saxon culture, which is being held online until Sunday. "I congratulate the organizers of the Haferland Festival for the bold choice to organize this event online.

Turkish model ‘proved effective’

Turkey has managed the pandemic better than the U.S., a Turkish doctor who works in New York has said. "Turkey managed this process much more better than the U.S.," Sine Arat Akten told Milliyet daily. 

Case files against Papangelopoulos sent to Supreme Court

Greece's Parliament on Friday sent to the Supreme Court the case files against former alternate justice minister Dimitris Papangelopoulos.
Papangelopoulos is accused of seeking to incriminate political opponents in the purported Novartis pharmaceutical bribery scandal.