News archive of August 2021

COVID-19: Offices Are More Dangerous than Schools Says Bulgarian Professor

Offices with a large open space have a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 than in schools, because there are adults mostly.

 "Children get less sick and less exposed to this infection, " said this morning in an interview with BNT  Prof. Mira Kozhuharova, adviser to the Minister of Health.

Football: Bulgaria Meats European Champions Italy

Bulgarian Football team will start qualifications for WC in Qatar with a game against the European Champions Italy.

National coach Yassen Petrov said he was going to Italy to make it as difficult as possible for the European champion.

Taliban and Resistance Fighting in Three Afghan Provinces

Fighting between Afghanistan's resistance forces and the militants of the Taliban radical movement (outlawed in Russia) is raging on in various regions of the Panjshir, Parwan, and Baghlan Provinces, the Ashwaka news agency reported on Wednesday, citing sources.