News archive of April 2023

Alarm for Putin; Wagner fears: "Tragedy threatens us"

He warned that the Ukrainian counter-offensive could turn into a "tragedy for Russia".
"We (Wagner) only have 10-15 percent of the ammunition we need," said the Wagner leader in a conversation with war correspondent Semyon Pegov, who is close to the Kremlin.

Goalless draw leaves title race wide open

Panathinaikos and AEK canceled each other out on Sunday their crucial game in the Super League playoffs finishing goalless and the title race remaining wide open with a slight advantage for the Greens.

AEK needed victory more than its host and produced more chances against the best defense in the league this year - that has only conceded once in seven playoff games to date.

Poland is preparing for war with Russia?

"Poland is on the path of strengthening military efforts... They are carrying out open hostile actions against Russia. The latest events represent a direct challenge to Putin," the expert believes.

Only clear messages can convince voters

There are very few supporters of Greece's main parties - and not protest parties - who want to play the guessing game when they go to the polls to vote next month. Most people want to know exactly what will emerge from the ballot box on Sunday night: Will it be a single-party government, a coalition, a minority, a national unity government - what?

Opinion polls have bad news for all

As the election campaign heats up, political parties are poring over opinion polls, those made public and those privately commissioned, to calibrate their tactics.

Each party, and this includes the ruling center-right New Democracy, which has been leading steadily in opinion surveys, has found cause for anxiety in examinging the data.

Steve Coleman | Athens | May 5

American saxophonist, composer, bandleader, music theorist and MacArthur Fellow Steve Coleman and his band the Five Elements are coming to Greece for the first time, to appear at Gazarte ( Hailed as the "master of groove," Coleman promises an uplifting show for fans and new initiates.

Primary surplus target at 2-2.3% of GDP

The fiscal containment rules of the Stability Pact are returning, four years after their suspension, in a perhaps less strict form than that of the existing pact, but nevertheless with limitations on the spending margins of European Union member-states.

US nationals opt for Greek Golden Visas

American citizens are increasingly turning to Greece to secure a Golden Visa, thereby turning this country into the third most popular in terms of applications for residence permits by US property investors, according to research by Astons.

Police officers probed over shady Mykonos connections

Amid the outcry over widespread illegal construction on the island of Mykonos and the state finally deciding to intervene and order demolitions recently, the role of some policemen with close connections to the builders engaged in illegal activity has drawn the spotlight.

Far-right party’s legal maneuver fails

A move by the far-right National Party-Greeks to remove three members of the Supreme Court's A1 Civil Section considering its eligibility to contest the May 21 election has been unanimously rejected.

National Party-Greeks was founded in 2020 by convicted criminal Ilias Kasidiaris, a former MP with the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party from 2012 to 2019.