Adana Province

Man flees after abandoning his car on pedestrian overpass

Police teams are on the lookout for an unknown driver who drove his car over a pedestrian overpass in the southern province of Adana's Beyazevler neighborhood and later abandoning it on the bridge after it got stuck in the barriers.

"We have no idea why the man did such a thing," said police teams who found the car stuck on a pedestrian overpass on late April 20.

Newly detected fish-dwelling parasite named after Turkey’s Adana province

A parasite found dwelling on garfish species in Mediterranean waters, home to an exceptional diversity of marine life, has been named after the southern province of Adana after it was detected in the waters near the province's Yumurtalık district.

"This parasite will be called 'Caligus Adanensis' from now on," said Argun Akif Özak, an academic from the Çukurova University.

Turkish museums host nearly 9 mln visitors in 2020 despite virus

More than 8.91 million people visited Turkish museums and archaeological sites in 2020, despite the negative effects of the coronavirus outbreak.

The sites have an important role in the context of protecting cultural heritage, transferring it to future generations and generating a collective memory.

Friends make barbeque on boat due to virus restrictions on land

Three friends made barbeques on a boat while cruising on the Seyhan Dam Lake in the southern province of Adana due to the coronavirus measures imposed in the nearby picnic area, disallowing to have barbeques.

According to Demirören News Agency, three friends, whose identities are unknown, came to the picnic area near the Seyhan Dam Lake to make a barbecue.

Biological father shows up after foster family adopts baby

A foster family in the southern province of Adana has been fighting a legal battle for 1.5 years against their adopted son's biological father, who is asking for his son to be returned to him.

According to the lawsuit, a couple, Ayça Çatal and Atakan Çatal, got married in 2003 and did not have a baby for 12 years.

Mongolian plover latest species to be spotted in Hatay province

Positioned on the migratory route of numerous birds due to its climate and water resources, southernmost province of Hatay boasts 375 bird species.

The latest species to be spotted in the province is the Mongolian plover (Charadrius mongolus). These birds, distinguished by their long legs and black beaks, had been seen before in other parts of Turkey.