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Turkish Cargo carries UNICEF-supplied COVID-19 vaccines

Turkish Cargo, a subsidiary of the national flag carrier Turkish Airlines, has carried coronavirus vaccines and other medical equipment supplied by UNICEF across the world.

"As the air cargo brand that utilizes the widest flight network of the world, Turkish Cargo shoulders an important mission in the fight against the pandemic," it said in a press release on March 13.

Rarely seen Van Gogh painting exhibited ahead of auction


A rare painting by Dutch impressionist master Vincent van Gogh of a street scene in the Parisian neighborhood of Montmartre will be publicly displayed for the first time before its auction next month.

Sotheby's auction house said the work, painted in 1887, has remained in the same family collection for more than 100 years out of the public eye.

Star French florist weathers pandemic

There was a time, pre-pandemic, that Thierry Boutemy's flowery creations graced catwalks, magazine covers and celebrity weddings.

Now, of course, the French florist - who has worked for Sofia Coppola, Lady Gaga and the fashion house Hermes - is having to weather the crisis like anyone else.

But his passion for petals has not withered.

Several days of Riots in Netherlands Has Ended

Netherlands saw street riots for 3 days ending with over 500 people detained.

In several cities, including the capital Amsterdam, some businesses closed early and emergency ordinances were in place to give law enforcement greater powers to respond to the rioting, which was prompted by a nighttime curfew to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The Netherlands is "boiling", but it is no longer clear why

However, the reasons for the vandalism seen from Rotterdam to Amsterdam are no longer so clear, especially since the protesters are teenagers, reports Reuters.
Police Chief William Welders said that about 70 people were arrested by 10 pm, and water cannons were used against the robbers in Rotterdam, while tear gas was used in Harlem to disperse the crowd.