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Turkey, Russia, Iran to meet for 6th round of Astana process

Diplomats, army and intelligence officials from Turkey, Russia and Iran came together in Kazakhstan's capital a day before of the sixth round of Astana Process talks, which will be held in a bid to discuss the establishment of de-conflict zones inside Syria for cementing cease-fire in the war-torn country, state-run Anadolu Agency reported on Sept. 13. 

Turkey, Russia Have no Disagreement Over Syria, Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has told the Hurriyet daily that Ankara does not have any disagreements with Moscow over Syria, reported TASS.

"Currently, the process in Idlib is being run as we agreed with Russia. There are no disputes with Russia on it. No controversy was brought to the agenda during our meeting with Iran," Erdogan said.

Erdoğan urges Muslim countries to help Rohingya

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Sept. 10 urged Muslim countries to "use every means available" to stop the "cruelty" perpetrated against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

The United Nations appealed for urgent aid to deal with a humanitarian crisis unfolding in southern Bangladesh after the number of Rohingya fleeing Myanmar neared 300,000, just two weeks after violence erupted there.

Kurds plan ahead for shifting status in Syria

Syrian Kurds are taking critical steps to deal with the threat of being caught in a vise between their worsening relations with the Damascus regime, and Turkey’s possible cross-border operations. Syria’s Kurds have just proposed a new governmental structure comprising three federal regions and six cantons in the Democratic Federal System of Northern Syria (previously known as Rojava).

Turkey paying the price of terrorist organizations' instability, Turkish PM says

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said Aug. 20. that Turkey is paying the price of terrorist organizations' instability

Yıldırım was asked at a press conference, whether Turkey would launch an operation toward the Syrian cities Afrin and Idlib.