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Downtown Athens in a snarl of rallies on Thursday

Traffic jams formed in and around the city center on Thursday morning as a result of three protest rallies in downtown Athens, while motorists and commuters don't look likely to catch a break in the afternoon either.

Disgruntled municipal workers got the action going on Thursday morning, followed at noon by university students protesting the lifting of a ban on police at campuses.

Kelly Finnigan | Around Greece | October 17-20

American soul singer Kelly Finnigan, known as the voice of successful San Francisco band Monophonics, is coming to Greece with his band, the Atonements, for a mini-tour with crowd-pleasing favorites and lesser-known work. Finnigan will perform at Thessaloniki's WE venue on Thursday, Volos's Lab Art on Friday, Gazarte in Athens on Saturday and Giafka in Patra on Sunday.

Migrants and refugees transferred to camps after squat raids

Greek police say they detained a total of 34 people in dawn raids on two squats in Athens mostly occupied by refugees and migrants, as part of a crackdown on lawlessness in the area by the new conservative government.

Dozens of officers cleared two sites in the Exarchia neighborhood of the capital.