Bangkok Stopped Construction Activities for 3 Days because of the Poor Air Quality

Construction activities at major infrastructure sites in Bangkok have been halted due to air pollution, according to the Nation newspaper.

Construction of skyscrapers, new road junctions and new subway lines has been halted for 72 hours, the release said.

Pope Francis Landed in Japan

Pope Francis arrived for his four-day visit to Japan, expected to make a call for nuclear disarmament tomorrow, BTA reported.

The Thai Airways plane with the Pope, accompanied by a Vatican delegation and journalists, arrived in Tokyo after a six-hour flight from Bangkok.

Pope Francis Visits Thailand

Pope Francis departed from Rome to Thailand tonight. His 32nd trip abroad will then take him to Japan, according to France Press.

The first Jesuit pope will visit two countries where Christianity was introduced by Jesuit missionaries in the mid-16th century.

Russia Advocates the Establishment of the Greater Eurasian Partnership

Russia advocates the establishment of the Greater Eurasian Partnership with the participation of the Eurasian Economic Union, ASEAN, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, "possibly other entities". This was stated by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at the summit in Bangkok of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, TASS reported.

Seven Out of Ten ASEAN Countries' Leaders Didn't Attend the Summit

Trump did not attend the ASEAN leaders' summit and the East Asian Summit in Thailand's capital on November 2-4 and did not send either the Vice President or the US Secretary of State to Bangkok. Robert O 'Brian, US National Security Advisor, arrived in Bangkok as chairman of the Washington delegation.

Trade and Tensions between US and China - Main Topics of ASEAN Leader Meetings

Southeast Asian countries must be united in the face of a trade war launched by US President Donald Trump, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said today at a high-level regional business forum, Reuters reported.

The meeting, not far from the Thai capital, is a co-event at the Southeast Asian Nations Association (ASEAN) summit, against the backdrop of tense US-China relations.

Bulgarian Photographers - Among the Best in the World

Three Bulgarian photographers are among the best in the world for 2019, according to CNN. The media ranked the 100 best travel photos of the year, BNT reported

Mladen Antonov, who is currently the chief photographer of France Press for Southeast Asia, is ranked with three photos from Bangkok, Baku and Moscow.