Bulgarian Development Bank, China Exim Bank Sign Cooperation Agreement

Bulgarian Development Bank and The Export-Import Bank of China signed a cooperation agreement for investments promotion for Chinese and Bulgarian companies, Wednesday.

The agreement was signed in Beijing during the visit of the Bulgarian delegation to China, led by the Deputy Minister of Economy and Energy Krasin Dimitrov, the Ministry of Economy and Energy informed.

Bulgarian-Chinese Commission for Economic Cooperation Holds XV Session

Bulgaria-China trade will be discussed on April 28-30 in Beijing during the XV session of the intergovernmental joint commission for economic cooperation.

The visit of the Bulgarian delegation to Beijing aims to define priority spheres of cooperation and to outline concrete projects, according to the press office of the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy and Energy.

Malaysia Airliner Search Challenged by Deep Waters

Deep waters in the Indian Ocean have been hampering the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

The autonomous underwater vehicle "Bluefin 21", which was submerged into the search area on Monday to scan the waterbed, had to be pulled out prematurely as it is designed for depths of up to 4,500 meters, CBC News reported.

Abdurrahman Oner Wins Belgrade 'Short Meter' Festival

Festival of Short and Documentary movies “Short Meter” ended on April 6 with awards to the best movies in international and the domestic competition programme.

The jury said that best movie was Turkish short movie Buhar (2012) that already won numerous festival awards from Turkey, Kazahastan, to Germany Italy and US in last year.

Australian Ship Detects New Plane-Like Signal in Indian Ocean

An Australian rescue ship has detected a new signal that could be linked to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

The Australian "Ocean Shield" vessel has picked up radar signals in the Indian Ocean at a depth of 4,500 meters, CNN revealed. The new lead comes two days after a Chinese rescue ship also came across a signal, some 600km southwest of the current location.

Chinese Ship Picks Up Signal, Possible Link to Missing Malaysian Plane

A Chinese rescue ship has picked up a pulse signal in the southern Indian Ocean, which may be related to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

The signal has a frequency of 37.5kHz per second, which is the same as those emitted by flight recorders, the BBC reports. However, it is yet to be determined if there is a link to the missing airplane.