Beijing vaccinates thousands in COVID-19 jab drive

Thousands of people were lining up in Beijing to receive a COVID-19 vaccine as China races to innoculate millions before the Chinese New Year mass travel season in February.

More than 73,000 people in the Chinese capital have received the first dose of the vaccine over the last couple of days, state media reported on Jan. 3, including community workers and bus drivers.

Covid Canceled New Year Celebrations

Restrictions are being placed on New Year festivities around the world as many countries struggle to curb new spikes in coronavirus cases.

Fireworks displays and other public gatherings have been cancelled from Sydney to New York.

Festivities are being particularly muted in Europe, amid fears over a new more contagious strain of the disease.

US Tightens Restrictions on Dual Use Goods and Technologies, China and Russia Blacklisted

The US has placed export restrictions on more than 100 Chinese and Russian companies with alleged military ties.

US exporters will be required to get a licence before they transfer "designated items" to companies on the blacklist. The list includes a large number of Chinese aerospace companies as well as Russia's foreign intelligence service.