Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Anti-Migrant Protest Held in Bosnian Border Town

Some 1,000 people in the Bosnian town of Bihac, on the border with Croatia, staged their third consecutive evening protest on Monday, demanding that state-level officials find a proper solution to the rise in the number of migrants and refugees arriving in the area.

  People of Bihac gathered in the town centre, demanding the relocation of migrants and refugees Photo: Courtesy of N1

Croatian Police Accused Again of Brutality to Migrants

No Name Kitchen, NNK, an NGO that helps migrants and refugees in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on Wednesday on social networks accused Croatian police of beating a migrant and documented the claim with a photograph of his injured back.

It said its volunteers were dining on Tuesday in the town of Velika Kladusa when the man arrived and asked them to check his injuries.

Bosnia: Controlled explosion of 250-kilo aerial bomb/VIDEO

A 250-kilogram aerial bomb found on Wednesday in the Privilnica suburb of the Bosnian town of Bihac has been destroyed.

The controlled explosion took place on Friday morning, and went as planned, causing no injuries or damage, Sead Vrana of the Civil Protection Administration of Bosnia-Herzegovina's Muslim-Croat entity (FBiH) told reporters.