Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia Intelligence Chief Found Guilty of Ignoring 2014 Protests

Bosnian officials have renewed calls for the dismissal of Goran Zubac, director of the State Investigative and Protection Agency, SIPA, after the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a first instance ruling sentenced him to a year's probation for neglecting his duties during the protests last February.

Bosnia Police Arrest Suspect For Attorney's Murder

Bosnian police have arrested a suspect for the murder of Jasmina Koricic, a 61-year-old lawyer who was killed in a bomb blast in the northwestern town of Bihac.

The suspect was named only as B.M., a male born in 1957, from nearby Cazin, Una-Sana Canton Interior Ministry spokesman Ale Siljdedic told Balkan Insight on Wednesday.