Poor Suffer Most as Czech Housing Crisis Deepens

Czechs seeking to buy an average sized apartment of 70 square metres faced paying over 11 times their annual salary in 2019, more than their peers in any other European country. That's a ranking they enjoyed for a fourth straight year. In the capital Prague, the average price per square meter rose to €3,395 last year, far above regional peers such as Budapest and Bratislava.

Sofia in 30th Place in Terms of Rising Property Prices

Sofia ranks 30th among 150 cities in the world in terms of rising residential property prices, according to the Residential Cities Index. Residential property prices in the capital rose 5.9% last year, with an average increase of 3.2% for all cities in the ranking. It turns out that the real estate market in Sofia performs better than in most major cities around the world.

Testing Times: Slovak Schools Chalk Up Life Lessons

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In Slovakia, Politics Is Still a Gentlemen's Club

Slovakia's Infectious 'Infodemic'

"Maybe now we'll see all the things we have been teaching unnecessarily and we can edit the volume of education," Branislav Grohling, Slovakia's new minister of education, said on Facebook in March, two weeks after the country's schools went into lockdown.

Slovakia, country of 5.5 million, has the lowest coronavirus mortality rate in Europe

In the last 24 hours, two new deaths have been recorded in Slovakia, with a total of twenty deaths.
Three new patients were registered, 1.384 were infected in total, according to the National Center for Medical Data, TASR reports.
The number tested is 1.767.

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Analysts say such displays hint at a geopolitical realignment taking place in parts of Central and Southeast Europe as the pandemic prompts some governments to pivot away from Brussels and towards more authoritarian allies to the east.