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EU Commission expects swift solutions to resume STA funding

Brussels – Commenting on the new government regulation on the Slovenian Press Agency (STA), the European Commission has said that it expects swift solutions to unblock the agency’s funding, noting such solutions should completely preserve the STA’s autonomy. It should be checked whether the regulation is in line with existing acts governing the STA, it added.

Ljubljana struggling with high air pollution, says EEA

Brussels – The European Environment Agency (EEA) has launched the city air quality viewer, which has taken data from two Slovenian cities, Ljubljana and Maribor. The latest data show that the Slovenian capital is plagued by poor air quality, whereas the situation is a bit better in Slovenia’s second largest city.

Turkey urges EU for decision on upgrading Customs Union

While calling on the leaders of the European Union (EU) to make the upcoming summit a turning point for ties between Ankara and Brussels, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu on June 20 urged the Union to take decisions for concrete steps for this bid, including a mandate that will authorize the EU Commission to negotiate Customs Union with Turkey.

Russia: We are withdrawing from Open Skies Treaty; NATO: We regret Russia's decision

"Russia has informed all signatories of the agreement about the decision to withdraw from the Open Skies Agreement six months after the announcement of its exit. Therefore, our exit will take place on December 18," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement for the TASS Agency.

Turkey to play 'lead role' in security of Kabul airport: White House

The United States on June 17 hailed a commitment by Turkey to secure Kabul's airport, addressing one key area of concern amid fears the government will collapse once U.S. forces leave.

The agreement is likely to mark a new warming of U.S. relations with Turkey, a NATO ally whose relations had been fraught with President Joe Biden's five-month-old administration.

LabMin Turcan: The rights of 150,000 Romanians lorry drivers on European roads must be observed

The rights of the 150,000 Romanians who work as lorry drivers on European roads must be observed as provided for in the national legislation, Minister of Labour and Social Protection Raluca Turcan wrote on Facebook on Thursday. She met in Brussels European Commissioner for Transport Adina Valean.