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CNN: The United States is Considering Sending up to 1,000 Troops to Bulgaria

The United States and its allies are considering the deployment of troops in NATO's Eastern European countries as a precautionary measure against a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine. This was reported by CNN, citing officials of the US administration.

NATO will Expand its Military Presence in Eastern Europe

Source from Brussels: Bulgaria does Not Want American Soldiers, but is Ready to Accept French

Bulgaria does not want American troops on its territory, but is ready to accept French, a diplomatic source from Brussels told BNR.

The decision is expected to be made in mid-February, around a meeting of NATO defense ministers.

Bulgarian PM after Security Council on Tensions in the East: We Remain a Loyal Partner of NATO

Croatian President: Croatia will Withdraw its Troops from NATO in case of Russia-Ukraine Conflict

In the event of a conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Croatian authorities will withdraw all military personnel from NATO forces in Eastern Europe. This was announced on Tuesday by the President of the Republic Zoran Milanovic on the national television HRT.

Bulgarian PM will Convene a Security Council Tomorrow on the Situation in Ukraine

Tomorrow, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov will convene a Security Council of the Council of Ministers. Earlier, GERB said that they were submitting 59 signatures, while 48 were needed, with a request to convene an extraordinary session of the National Assembly on the issue and to hear out Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, Defense Minister Stefan Yanev and Foreign Minister Teodora Genchovska.

EU, US seek coordinated response to Russia over Ukraine crisis

The United States has ordered the families of its diplomats to leave Ukraine, as rising fears of a Russian invasion pushed Western officials to meet on Jan. 24 in a bid to coordinate their response and compile a battery of sanctions against Moscow.

U.S. top diplomat Antony Blinken will join a meeting of his EU counterparts by video-link.