Secret Negotiations Will Betray Kosovo

It is not easy to keep secrets, especially about a matter of such national importance. It is rumoured that Thaci and Vucic plan to announce a deal to swap territories just prior to their next meeting in Paris on July 1.

According to a prominent Kosovo personality, these are the deal terms:

Serbia will agree to recognise Kosovo.

Minister "worried about EU's and NATO's conspicuous silence"

However, Vulin assessed that the silence of the European Union and NATO when it comes to the statements of Ramush Haradinaj and Hashim Thaci was "worrying."

"Of course, Haradinaj, just like Thaci, cannot endanger peace and stability on any centimeter of the territory of the Republic of Serbia, and that is why the Serbian Army exists, anyway," the minister said in a statement.

Serbian Albanians Place Their Faith in EU Membership

As some Serbian and Kosovo politicians mull swapping territories between the two countries, members of the the ethnic Albanian minority in southern Serbia say they would rather see both countries inside the EU.

"This is not something new. This is a story that circles both in southern Serbia and Kosovo," Nedzad Beljulji, the owner of TV Spectra in Bujanovac, in southern Serbia, said.