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Gaza truce pushes into second day ahead of Cairo talks

A fragile ceasefire in Gaza pushed into a second day Aug. 6 as Israeli and Palestinian delegations prepared for crunch talks in Cairo to try to extend the 72-hour truce.

The ceasefire, which came into effect Aug. 5 and carried past midnight into Wednesday, has brought relief to millions on both sides after one month of fighting killed 1,875 Palestinians and 67 people in Israel.

Politics at its lowest

This Sunday, millions of Turks will go to ballots to vote for their next president. This will be the first time that the presidency, the top post in the republic, will be elected by popular vote. In this sense, the upcoming elections could be seen as a sign of maturation for Turkey’s almost 140-year-old democratic experience, which goes back to the first Ottoman Parliament in 1876.

Israel withdraws Gaza troops as 72-hour truce begins

Israel on Aug. 5 completed the withdrawal of all troops from Gaza as a 72-hour humanitarian truce went into effect following intense global pressure to end the bloody conflict.

Just minutes before the ceasefire took hold, Israel's military and Hamas both engaged in shows of firepower, seemingly determined to have the last word on the 29th day of their hostilities.

Sisi says Egypt truce plan 'real chance' to end Gaza clashes

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said on Aug. 2 an Egyptian truce plan provides a "real chance" to end the Gaza conflict, stressing the need for its speedy implementation.

"The Egyptian proposal is the real chance to find a solution to the crisis in Gaza and to end the bloodshed," Sisi told a joint news conference with visiting Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.